Earth Save Products (ESP) manufacture a wide range of high quality and efficient renewable heating and hot water systems. The Ecocent and the Thermovec are just 2 from their range. Our aim is to help you decide on the most appropriate solution to your needs. Our consultants can help you from a simple retrofit of an Ecocent for cheaper hot water, to replacement of your existing radiators to save on heating bills... all the way through to a fully integrated home or commercial air source heat pump system. You will however be buying your product direct from the manufacturer, with their own full warranty in place.

Ecocent Hot Water

Thermovec Radiator

According to numerous surveys, over 65% of household energy bills relate to heating and hot water. Yet we often simply throw the energy out of the window or down the drain. Kitchens are a prime example, with cookers and fridges heating the room using costly energy, which we then throw away.

We are all told to turn our thermostats down to save on heating bills - but we still pump water at 60 degrees around our homes because the heat energy is needed in order to circulate the warmth around the room.

It will amaze you to learn just how much you could save - both in terms of fuel bills (and CO2 emissions), if only this waste were put to better use. With gas up 19.1% and electricity up 13.1% (UK Government's own figures for prices from Jan 11 - Jan 2012), every £500 you spend on gas now, would increase to £2,000 in 8 years time. £500 spent on electricity today, could cost £1,300 in 8 years. For those spending £1,000 on combined fuel now, the bill could reach £3,000 in only 8 years. Recycling energy therefore makes good economic and environmental sense.

The ESP ECOCENT is a stylish revolution in water heating technology - and is available for both domestic and commercial applications. Rather than paying twice for your energy, the Ecocent sits inside the home and recycles this waste - turning warm air into mains pressure hot water for showers, baths and washing up. It even acts as a free air conditioning system - providing cool dry air where required. The Ecocent is probably the most innovative and efficient system available today. Its combination of heat pump and water cylinder gives you all the hot water you could need, and at 640w it uses less energy to run than a kettle. If you have Solar PV installed, it gets even better - your Ecocent will be using FREE electricity - meaning that your hot water for showers and baths is also FREE! This is NOT a 'solar thermal' hot water solution - but it IS half the price to install... and works in the dark.

If you are thinking of installing an air source heat pump in your home, the Ecocent will take on the HOT WATER part of the task, leaving your air source heat pump to deal with the heating. This will avoid overworking your heat pump AND will be quieter, as on hot days the air source heat pump can sit idle, while the Ecocent produces your hot water. This avoids summer afternoons being ruined by the noise of a pump outside your house working to produce your hot water. It is also better from the engineering and energy efficiency standpoint.

The Ecocent system has 2 air inlets - which can be connected to draw in warm air from your kitchen, bathroom, conservatory or attic. It then and extracts the heat energy (which you have already paid for) and stores the heat inside its own cylinder of water. Giving you 100L, 200L or 300L of hot water. There are no secondary tanks, or pipes on the roof, just a stylish and efficient hot water system located in your airing cupboard.

MCS Compliant, and NQA Certified, this system offers a wealth of benefits to all customers - and it qualifies for financial returns through the UK Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme. RHI may also be extended to domestic customers later this year (October 2012), making this an income producing asset for your home. Even without these incentives, the Ecocent is a great investment, as it saves money in its own right.


The ESP Thermovec is a slim low temperature radiator that incorporates a low energy fan, plus a timer & remote control. It is plumbed in the same way as a normal radiator, but delivers up to 3 times more heating power. It replaces standard central heating radiators - helping to significantly reduce heating bills in both commercial and domestic applications. Instead of running hot water through your central heating system and using costly HEAT energy to circulate the warm air around a room, the Thermovec radiator lets you run COOLER water through your central heating system - as each radiator uses an integrated low energy fan to circulate the air. Increasing your central heating efficiency by up to 3 times. Lower water temperature equal lower fuel bills - even for gas central heating systems!

ESP also manufacture, and supply, high quality super efficient Air Source Heat Pumps - ranging in power from 5.5kW to 25kW. These units are ideal for providing both residential and commercial heating at a fraction of the cost of other fuels. With energy efficiency in excess of x4 - these units deliver 4kW of energy for every 1kW used to drive the pumps. As for the Ecocent, if you have Solar PV, these air source heat pumps could be driven from mostly FREE electricity. All units are MCS Accredited - and use multiple compressor technology for more effective start up power management. As expected, ESP ensure that every unit is inspected before it leaves the factory, to give you peace of mind that your air source heat pump is of the highest quality. When combined with an Ecocent and Thermovec radiators, they provide a complete home heating/hot water solution... Saving you money year after year...

With an energy efficiency of x 3.8 (i.e 1kW input creates 3.8kW heat output) the Ecocent will consume less energy in heating your water than most alternative systems, especially oil, LPG and Electric- Saving you ££s every year on bills.

The amount saved will vary from customer to customer, but if we took an example household using a power shower for 3 people per day - the savings using an Ecocent (without the Thermovec Radiators) would be in excess of £450 p.a. A saving that will increase as fuel costs rise. Over its 15 year lifespan, and without any Government incentives, this could exceed £20,000 of energy cost savings. No other water heater pays for itself so quickly or efficiently.


If you reduce the water temperature in your central heating to only 35 degrees, there is the potential to save as much as 70% of your total heating costs. For an average household this could save another £350 p.a. over the same 15 years of increasing fuel costs, this could add up to another £18,000 for an average family home.

With energy costs expected to continue to rise sharply, and a variety of incentives and grants available, now is the best time to explore your options - we look forward to hearing from you today.